ARCREG Electrode Regulator for Electric Arc and Ladle Furnaces.

The Koteko ARCREG Electrode Regulator is based on a software application developed in a Siemens S7 platform in Function Block Diagram – a graphic programming language.

The PLC is controlled through a Siemens HMI panel where all data is entered as well as showing the actual regulation status.

The electrode control is achieved by impedance or constant current regulation based on impedance or current set points. The set points are selected based on tap changer position and series reactor position if applicable.

The system also includes a back pressure regulation if applicable as well as touch down, power demand and high panel temperature logics. A meltdown program for electrical input with 1, 2, 3 and last bucket is also available.

The main functions included in Koteko ARCREG regulation system are:

Open PLC application.

  • Impedance and constant current regulation.
  • HMI with regulation schematics including actual real operational data.
  • HMI with touch screen for regulation settings.
  • Melt down program.
  • Trend curves.
  • Heat report for electrical data.
  • Setting report.

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